GAVIN power prop

3D scannedFEM analysisCFD analysisGAVIN Power prop assembled on GAVIN NT and ready for testing.
As the first carbon shroud for the previous GAVINS where build in 2005 as an option, It has now become a standard for the GAVIN NT.
The propeller shaft has now been disconnected from the motor shaft. That will ensure no axial forces on the motor bearings.

Prototype ready for delivery.
high strength reinforced plastic is used to ensure the blade reinforcement during all operations with the GAVIN NT.

3 blade Prop, the standard propeller for the 24V GAVIN NT

Quality control to ensure high quality for the new GAVIN power prop.
Our manufacturer is controlling his process by the use of state of the art 3D optical measurement technologies.

5 bladeFEM analysisFEM analysisCFD and FEM analysis done for the advanced new GAVIN prop design.
The propeller will provide up to 380N thrust and allows a speed of between 80 and 86m/min.
The geometry was designed to fit on the new GAVIN NT series as well as on the old GAVIN scooters (currently under testing).

5 blade propeller6 blade propeller3 and 5 blade propellers are available.
Single blade replacing possible in case of damages.
Take a small size spare blade with you on your expeditions arround the world and be able to replace it if you have hit something on a dive trip.

6 blade propeller for the ultimate pulling force.
recommended for the 40V GAVIN NT only.